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Confession Sessions - About

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Born in the early 1980's to a military family in the state of California, much of my childhood was spent relocating to "new" bases, in "new" towns and "new" states. Each time having to start over as the "new" kid. It was a certainly not a fun process at all, difficult for any child at any age.

In an attempt to better manage the out pour of emotions that came with the constant change of being the forever "new" kid, I found solace amidst the pages of my sketchbooks, exploring the prospects and promise of my own inherently artistic imagination. Here, I was never the "new" kid, and every day seemed an illustration made of magic, painted in flowers and fairytales.

Over time, this once crucial "crutch" became the essence on which I built my life. For those who knew me "back when", there wasn't a memory made that didn't have Rachel in the background wielding, at minimum, a box of crayons and a Care Bears coloring book.

The same can still be said today, in some capacity, whether it be specifically creating art or "starting" DIY projects around the house or for friends and family. The "italics" are for my husband, lol. He will understand. (*wink*wink*) In fact, the bulk of my professional career has always been artistically rooted - in art, interior design, or faux finishing.

It was in 2016 actually, following a pretty significant life event, that I decided to turn a more acute focus towards the creation of my painted compositions and the refinement of my artistic perspective. Today, I remain ambitiously concentrated on creating pieces in a variety of subjects and artistic stylings. My favorite, though, remains on the cultivation of the study & creation of "emotionally stimulating, non-conformance" abstracts.

My Objective - a more intimate self-awareness through the manifestation of a "forced subjection to my own subconscious." In other words...I paint my feelings. It is through this methodical and arduous process of developing my technique, that I aspire to attain a more prolific acknowledgement and appreciation of my inner self and the world around me.


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